Illusion of Gaia
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Illusion of Gaia Featuring ProJared The Completionist Episode 78

Illusion of Gaia Featuring ProJared The Completionist Episode 78

Episode Number 78
Date Released October 18th, 2013
Completionist Rating Finish It!
Link Illusion of Gaia Featuring ProJared The Completionist Episode 78

Illusion of Gaia(ガイア幻想紀Gaia Gensōki, lit. "Records of the Illusion of Gaia"), known in Europe and Australia as Illusion of Time, is an action role-playing game that was released on September 1, 1994, for the Super NES. Developed by Quintet, Enix published the game in Japan, and Nintendopublished it worldwide.

Illusion of Gaia was scored by Yasuhiro Kawasaki. Moto Hagio, the influential manga artist, is credited with the character designs. Novelist Mariko Ōhara worked on the story.

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The Completionist Edit

Jirard reviewed Illusion of Gaia for the seventy-eighth episode of The Completionist alongside video game reviewer ProJared, who would eventually join Normal Boots along with Jirard. This is the third video of Collaboration Month.

The episode begins with Jirard and Alex burning Heart of Darkness, which was promised in the previous episode. During the ceremony, Jirard gets a call on his cell phone. The ringtone is ProJared's theme. Jared asks if they're still doing a collaboration, and Jared is lead to believe that Jirard has killed Caddicarus.

Jared has played the game a lot in his youth, but Jirard is playing the game for the first time. Jirard finds the opening a bit slow, but can tolerate it. He also recognizes the presentation and assets from Actraiser. Jared states that it reminds him of The Legend of Zelda. He also likes how fitting the music is for certain situations.

Jared praises the adventurous feel of the game and its plot. Jirard compliments the gameplay as being quick and intuitive. He also finds leveling up easy and fun. Jared and Jirard also love the transformations. Jared, who is completing the game 100% for the first time, finds the red jewels a pain to find, due to some of them being missable. Jirard compliments the boss fights.

Jared begs Jirard not to spoil the ending, as he feels you must play the game yourself to experience it. Jirard accepts this request.

Jirard doesn't find the completion bonus worth it, as collecting every red jewel unlocks a boss fight from Soulblazer, but offers no reward beyond that. He and Jared love every other aspect of the game, though.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only video of Collaboration Month to not feature a game with a horror theme.
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