Jirard Finally Plays

Jirard Finally Plays is a series in which Jirard sits down to beat/play a game that he should have long ago, usually while telling certain stories about the game, or himself in general.

This series also breaks away from the usual Super_____ Bros titles.

On December 2 2014, after many long years, Jirard finally completed the Super Mario All-Stars Pack, thus answering the eternal question, "When are you gonna finish the All-Stars Pack?"

Games Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. Jirard Finally Plays
  2. Jirard Syndrome
  3. Give me the Flame
  4. Peach Time
  5. Let's Get Real
  6. It's Not Kaizo
  7. A Jirard to the Past
  8. Morning Jirard
  9. Jirard Me Anything
  10. Kaizo All Over Again
  11. Shrek Yoshi
  12. The Age of Hyrule Warriors
  13. A Game That Everyone Likes To Play
  14. Under 100 Club?
  15. OG Mario
  16. Oh No! Salt
  17. Bayonetta's Sexy Save States
  18. 2-4-1-Special
  19. Must Go Faster!
  20. Running With The Bullet(Bill)
  21. Month of RPGs
  22. Bayonetta's Breakneck Birthday Bash
  23. 8th Grade Prez
  24. Large Hairy Mammal
  25. Always Some Problem
  26. JMA Returns
  27. JMA Gets Cereal
  28. In the Smash Zone
  29. Smashin' Like It Is
  30. We Actually Don't Talk About Smash That Much
  31. Clenchy Clench Clench
  32. Goodbye
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