Jirard Shoots Alex
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 45 - Jirard Shoots Alex

Game Mother 3
Episode 45
Date Aired October 23th, 2014
Episode Length 26:06
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Transformers of LA
Next Episode Nose Horns

"Just when you thought you've seen it all, a frog in a fucking balloon"
- Jirard Khalil


After souring through the sky in a fridge, the Beard Bros now find themselves underground surrounded by a table with feet and a nose along side what seems to be a Jar. Within the Jar was a letter with saturn writing on it. As soon as Lucas got on the coffee table, a horse noise was heard and Jirard was able to take full control of the fast moving Coffee Table. Jirard then took off to try and find the mouse family. Afterwards Alex recommeneded that Jirard go and stalk up and Jirard became suspicious that Alex was taking him..... to WAR!!!! Jirard was wrong however and after a quick easy battle against some pigs and a robot, Jirard was able to free the Saturns along with his friend Duster and the lovable rope snake.


  • Jirard got a fast moving coffee table
  • Jirard met up with Squeekz again
  • Jirard found Mr Saturn
  • Jirard made it to Saturn Valley
  • Jirard found and freed Duster
  • Jirard got a Map of Saturn valley
  • Lucas Learned a new Healing technique
  • Kematora Learned Hypnosis


  • Do not ever dare eat the Naughty Mushroom
  • The "Saturn dialect" is based off of Shigesato Itoi's daughter's hand writing
  • Mr Saturn is gender neutral

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Alex mistook a hand gesture from Jirard thinking that Jirard was saying that he was gonna shoot him, when in actuallity Jirard was telling him to shoot a photo with his Iphone
  • Mr saturn is Crum from AAH Real Monsters

Question of the DayEdit

*What is your favorite traveling companion in a game?

  • Jirard likes the air ships from the Final Fantasy games
  • Alex likes Epona from the Legend of Zelda

What is your favorite catch phrase

  • "Make seven up yours" was Alex's favorite
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