Kirby's Dream Land 2
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The Completionist - Kirby's DreamLand 2 Can Kirby swallow Dark Matter?

The Completionist - Kirby's DreamLand 2 Can Kirby swallow Dark Matter?

Episode Number 159
Date Released January 29th, 2016
Completionist Rating Finish It!
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Kirby's Dream Land 2, known as Hoshi no Kirby 2(星のカービィ2 Hoshi no Kābī Tsū?, lit. "Kirby of the Stars 2") in Japan, is aplatforming video gamedeveloped by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy handheld video game console. It was first released in Japan on March 21, 1995, and was later released in North Americaon May 1, 1995. It was released in Europe on July 31, 1995.

Kirby's Dream Land 2continues the adventures ofKirby from Kirby's Dream Land and Kirby's Adventure, adding three animal friends to aid Kirby in battle. It can be played on the Super Game Boy, and gives slight changes to the game, such as adding a custom color scheme, a special game border, and a few new sound effects.

Kirby's Dream Land 2 was slated to be remade for theGame Boy Color as Kirby's Dream Land 2 DX, but was cancelled along with Metroid II: Return of Samus DX. The original game was re-released on the 3DS Virtual Console in Japan on February 15, 2012, in PAL regions in May 17, 2012, and in North America on August 1, 2013.Kirby's Dream Land 2 is also included in the Kirby 20th Anniversary Wii disc Kirby's Dream Collection.

The Completionist Edit

Jirard reviewed Kirby's Dream Land 2 for the 159th episode of The Completionist, as well as the first episode of Season 5.

Jirard takes a moment to talk about the game’s director, Shinichi Shimomura, and his mysterious nature.

Jirard notes how the game’s story is minimal, but is curious of the Dark Matter story continued in Kirby’s Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64.

Jirard compliments the graphics as crisper than the original game, especially with the Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy. He’s also fond of the game’s soundtrack. However, he notes that visually the game is very similar to the first game.

Jirard appreciates the power-ups, especially when combined with the animal buddies. He’s especially fond of the parasol, and considers Rick his favorite of the animal buddies. He also brings up the Rainbow Drops, which he considers fun to collect.

Jirard believes it’s worth it to unlock the final boss, but finds the boss rush move challenging.

Overall, Jirard finds Kirby’s Dream Land 2 to be lighthearded and fun, as well as easy for the most part.

At the end of the episode, Jirard announces that February will be Super Hero month, and Arkham City will be the first review of the month.

Statistics Edit

  • 15 deaths
  • 3 girl blobs (Gooeys) rescued
  • 3 full playthroughs
  • 1 Boss Mode playthrough
  • 1 100% playthrough
  • 18 animal team ups
  • 8 bosses given the 3D (wrestling reference)
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