Later Culex
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Mario RPG Episode 20 - Later Culex

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 20
Date Aired March 24th, 2014
Episode Length 34:58
Playlist Super Mario RPG
Last Episode Did You Nerd Gaming?
Next Episode Stormin' the Castle


Jirard begins the episode with saying that this episode will be about a side quest to defeat, however, this was originally to be the bonus episode. But, they both realised that they woud probably need the items gained from this quest in order to beat the game.

The entirety of this episode is Jirard fighting Culex, the hardest boss in the game. Throughout the fight, Jirard almost loses quite often, but because of Peach and her Lazy Shell Armor, she is neigh invincible. This has Jirard calling her a tank, saying the line "Peach For Days." The fight lasts for awhile, but eventually, the monsters run out of FP, and the rest of the fight is just Jirard demolishing Culex and his Crystals.

During the fight with Culex, Alex asks Jirard what the hardest boss he's ever fought was. Jirard answered with the 50 million HP boss in Final Fantasy XII. This has Jirard and Alex talking about how it is not that great of a Final Fantasy game, while Jirard only liked it because of the Monster Hunts.

After Jirard defeats Culex, they trigger the cutscene for Bowser's Castle and end the episode after walking in the front doors.


  • Culex Defeated.


  • Culex is from the alternate dimension of Vanda.
  • Culex is also called The Dark Knight.
  • In Japanese, Culex's name means Crystaller.
  • Culex's HP, combined with the HP of the Elemental Crystals, is 12,396.
  • Culex is Latin for Mosquito.
  • Culex's Battle Music is a remix of the Battle Music from Final Fantasy IV.
  • Dark Star is the most powerful attack in the game. However, it can only attack one player, so whatever.

Question of the WeekEdit

What do you think we should do for the Bonus Episode?

Later, Alex said that for the Bonus Episode, they could play a game from that Mario Series, that is short enough to beat quickly. Alex then gives what Jirard calls "the most disgusting wink he's ever seen."

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