Mario is Mising
Completionist Info
Mario is Missing The Completionist

Mario is Missing The Completionist

Episode Number 263
Date Released April 6th, 2018
Completionist Rating Donate It!
Link Mario is Missing
Super Beard Bros. Info
Mario Is Missing! Let's Play Ep. 1 Where is Mario? Super Beard Bros

Mario Is Missing! Let's Play Ep. 1 Where is Mario? Super Beard Bros.-0

Series Number (insert here)
Date Began October 26th, 2016
Date Ended November 10th, 2016
Number of Episodes 5
Playlist Super Drunk Bros.: Mario is Missing!
Mario is Missing! is a 1993 educational video game developed and published by The Software Toolworks for MS-DOS, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). A Macintosh version was released in 1994. The player controls Luigi, who must travel around the world to find and return stolen treasures as part of a quest to find his brother, Mario, who has been captured by Bowser. Mario is Missing!, part of a series of educational Mario games, marked Luigi's first starring role in a video game, which would not occur again until 2001, when Luigi's Mansion was released on the Nintendo GameCube.

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The CompletionistEdit


  • 3 Hours and 25 minutes of playtime
  • 15 Cities visited
  • 45 Photos taken
  • 345 Boxes checked
  • 1 Mario found
  • 1 Amazing fact about the Great Sphinx that Jirard learned


  • The Great Sphinx was carved out of one enormous piece of limestone.

Description of What is Going On in the Beard Bros. SeriesEdit

Jirard and Alex drink while playing Mario is Missing, which involves missing a question and taking a drink, or finishing a "world" and polishing their glasses. The drunker they are the more questions they miss which gets them drunker until you are pissing yourself laughing because of Jirard's bad decisions and Alex's vain attempts to stop him.

Episodes Edit

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