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Episode Number 62
Date Released April 19th, 2013
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Link Max Payne - DAT SMILE - The Completionist Episode 62
Max Payne is a third-person shooter action thriller video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Gathering of Developers on July 2001 for Microsoft Windows. Ports created later in the year for the PlayStation 2,Xbox and the Game Boy Advance were published by Rockstar Games. A Mac OS port was published on July 16, 2002 by MacSoft in North America and Feral Interactive in the rest of the world. There were plans for a Dreamcast version ofMax Payne, but they were canceled due to the discontinuation of the console. The game was re-released on April 27, 2009 as a downloadable game in the Xbox Originals program for the Xbox 360. The game was also re-released in the spring of 2012 as a downloadable game in the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3under the PS2 classics banner, iOS and onAndroid.

The game centers on theNYPD Detective Max Payne, who attempts to avenge the murder of his family. It features a gritty neo-noir style and uses graphic novel panels (with voice-overs) in place of animated cutscenes to narrate the game, as it draws inspiration from hard-boiled detective novels by authors likeMickey Spillane. The game contains many allusions toNorse mythology, particularly the myth ofRagnarök, and several of the names used in the game are those of the Norse gods and mythos. The gameplay is heavily influenced by the Hong Kong action cinema genre, particularly the work of director John Woo, and it was one the first games to feature the bullet time effect popularized by The Matrix.

Max Payne received very positive reviews and was praised for its exciting gunplay and use of noir storytelling devices. The game won a large number of accolades, including the BAFTA Award. As of 2011, the Max Payne game franchise has sold over 7.5 million copies. It also inspired a feature film under the same title.

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The Completionist Edit

Jirard reviewed Max Payne for the sixty-second episode of The Completionist.

Jirard appreciates the game's opening, and the way it's presented to set up the game's concept. The story even inspired his interest in filmmaking. Though he finds the main graphics dated, and looks much better on PC. The Xbox version has the best frame rate, though, and is the version he played for the review because of this. He also loves the comic book cutscenes and chilling music. Though he finds Max's face somewhat silly.

As for the gameplay, he finds the shooting mechanics solid, but somewhat repetitive. Though he gives special attention to the famous bullet time mechanic. He an also look past the lack of a growth mechanic in the game.

After completing the various difficulty levels for the game, Jirard finds that the payoff for completing Max Payne isn't worth it, due to only showing behind-the-scenes work on the game.

The video includes a "Max Payne Dubstep" composition by Michael "Skitck."

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