McMonkey Time!
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Donkey Kong Country Episode 2 - McMonkey Time!

Game Donkey Kong Country
Episode 2
Date Aired August 17, 2013
Episode Length 21:26
Playlist Donkey Kong Country
Last Episode Go Bananas!
Next Episode Unfortunate Deaths


The episode starts with Alex singing "Donkey Kong Country to you," an alteration to the "Happy Birthday" song, and the other two can't help but join in. Afterwards, Alex and Jirard apologize that they had claimed that there was no Completion Bonus to the game, as finding all the secrets adds a "!" next to the level name. Between episodes, they had done the special stages for the first area, Kongo Jungle. Discussion wise, They talk about the snack-cake company Hostess for a big portion of the episode, leading into the Saturday Question.

The majority of the episode is spent in the level Mine Cart Carnage, And after many tries and failing, Jirard finally beats the level, saying that he has a problem where the first time on a level he over thinks it, otherwise he can master games no problem. He gets stuck on easy parts for awhile, and when he finally beats it, Jirard usually blows through the rest of  the level/game.

The episode ends at the "Stop and Go Station level."


  • Winky's Walkway beaten
  • Mine Cart Carnage beaten
  • Bouncy Bonanza beaten
  • Stop and Go Station beaten


  • Winky's Walkway is actually the shortest level in the game.
  • In the GameBoy version of this game, Winky's Walkway is made longer, but in the GBA version, it is the same size as the SNES level.
  • Shigeru Miyamto wanted to name "Donkey Kong" something based on stubborness, so he chose "Donkey Kong," naming him based on a Mule, or a Donkey.
  • John Kirby defended Donkey Kong in court against a King Kong copyright, and won the case. He was than given an executive postion at Nintendo, and he still holds that position.

Saturday QuestionEdit

"What is your favorite Hostess product?"

Jirard answered with the Hostess Cupcakes, a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and vinilla creme filling, with eight distinctive white squiggles across the top. Alex answered with Tiger Tails, Twinkies with a red raspberry coating and sprinkles of coconut on them. Greg answered with Ho Hos, cream filled chocolate cakes with a pinwheel interior design.

Alex later tried to retcon his answer in the Super Metroid episode "SUPERMAN!!! ". He changed his answer to Honey Buns, since Tiger Tails are no longer around.

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