Mega Man X2
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Megaman X2 - The Completionist Episode 71 Super Beard Brothers Deluxe

Megaman X2 - The Completionist Episode 71 Super Beard Brothers Deluxe

Episode Number 71
Date Released August 23, 2013
Completionist Rating Complete It!
Link Mega Man X2
Super Beard Bros. Info
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE Megaman X 2 Episode 1 - Agile is worst Agile

Series Number 9
Date Began May 8th, 2013
Date Ended August 3rd, 2013
Number of Episodes 7
Playlist Mega Man X2

Mega Man X2, known as Rockman X2 (ロックマンX2) in Japan, is a video game developed by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The game was released in Japan on December 16, 1994 and in North America and PAL regions in 1995. It is the direct sequel to Mega Man X, released one year previous. Mega Man X2 takes place in the near future in which humans try to peacefully coexist with intelligent robots called "Reploids", with some of the Reploids going "Maverick" and threatening daily life. The plot follows the android protagonist Mega Man X, a "Maverick Hunter" who has saved humanity from the evil Sigma six months earlier. A trio of Mavericks calling themselves the "X-Hunters" has arisen, intent on destroying X by luring him with body parts of his comrade Zero, who died in the conflict with Sigma.

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The CompletionistEdit

On August 23, 2013, Jirard reviewed Mega Man X2 with Greg and Alex, combining the two shows into one awesome episode of The Completionist. A Logo would appear every time Alex had trivia to share.

Jirard praises the presentation of the game as a step up from the first game, despite being very similar. Part of this is due to utilization of the CX4 chip. Jirard even compliments the assets as unique from the first game.

Jesse Cox makes a cameo to warn about a clip from Super Beard Bros. that makes mention of dildos and other sexual themes.

Jirard also compliments the gameplay as expanding upon the first game. He basically considers this game "like the first, but bigger." Though Alex and Greg criticize the use of boss rematches. Jirard defends this choice, due to new powers and skills making the rematches easier. Overall, Jirard prefers the original to the second, and finds this one easier.

Special GuestsEdit

The review for this game features Alex from Super Beard Bros. and Jesse Cox of Jesse Cox fame.


Alex's Super Beard Bros Trivia 2

Logo that appeared when Alex gave Trivia.

  • This is the first episode to go from playthrough on Super Beard Bros. to an episode on The Completionist.
  • Jirard promotes this wiki in the Completionist episode.
  • Jirard fought Zero for the first time in this game on Super Beard Bros.

Super Beard Bros.Edit

On May 8th, 2013, the first episode of Mega Man X2 was uploaded. The final episode of the series was uploaded on August 3rd, 2013.

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • While Jirard is fighting The Sigma Virus in episode 7, Alex gives a little bit of trivia about how whales mate.


  1. Agile is worst Agile
  2. Burble Carb
  3. You can NEVER clench enough!
  4. This time, it's MEGA!
  6. The End!!!
  7. What the whale?
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