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Metroid: Other M
Defend It Info
Defend It ! Metroid Other M Featuring Rosanna Pansino and Husky Starcraft Episode 2

Defend It ! Metroid Other M Featuring Rosanna Pansino and Husky Starcraft Episode 2

Episode Number 2
Date Released July 12th, 2012
Witnesses Rosanna Pansino (Internet)
Husky Starcraft (Jirard)
Link Defend It ! Metroid: Other M Featuring Rosanna Pansino and Husky Starcraft Episode 2

Metroid: Other M is an action-adventure video game developed by Team Ninja, D-Rockets, and Nintendo for the Wii. It is the tenth main entry in the Metroid series. Other M was released in North America on August 31, 2010, Japan and Australia on September 2, 2010, and in Europe on September 3, 2010.

Defend It! Edit

Metroid: Other M was the second game that Jirard defended on Defend It! Jirard debated with Andrew Campbell, the Internet, to prove that Metroid: Other M wasn't a bad game.

Internet's Argument Edit

Exhibit A: Story Failure Edit

  • The Internet berates that Other M gives Samus a backstory, where she had very little backstory. He also argues that her backstory makes her feel more dull and weak.

Exhibit B: Sexism Edit

  • The Internet finds the fact that Samus listens to Adam's restrictions on her powers to be sexist.

Rosanna Pansino talks about women in video games. She thinks that gender isn't important as long as they're well developed. She finds Samus' characterization conflicting with her nature as a bounty hunter. During Jirard's cross-examination, she receives flour from Jirard, which results in brownies that stuffs everyone in the court.

Exhibit C: Ignoring the Prime Series Edit

  • The Internet believes that Other M ignores the canonical story progression of the Metroid Prime trilogy.

Jirard's Argument Edit

Exhibit A: Theming: The Loss of Power Edit

  • Jirard refutes the Internet's claims of sexism by pointing out that it fits with the themes of past Metroid games to (re)acquire weapons and equipment to turn Samus into a powerhouse.

Exhibit B: Evolution of Gameplay: Knowing the Roots of a Franchise Edit

  • Jirard points out how Other M's gameplay and presentation is similar to the 2D Metroid games, and the gameplay is strong enough to overcome its flaws. He also praises the first-person mode, as it's similar to the gameplay of Metroid Prime, and it deepens the gameplay.

Husky Starcraft is called to talk about making a sequel to a game. He points out that it's important to stay true to the original, and expand on core ideas and concepts. He also moves on to talking about great cinematics and story in a game, which worries Jirard. The Internet, however, becomes giddy to the point where he's speechless.

Exhibit C: Counter: Story Failure Edit

  • Jirard admits the story has many problems, but to him, the gameplay, mechanics, and presentation make up for that. He also claims that Metroid has never been about the story in the past anyway.

Defend It! Cast Edit

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