Mettaur Hero
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mega Man 7 2 - Mettaur Hero

Game Mega Man 7
Episode 2
Date Aired June 28th, 2014
Episode Length 14:27
Playlist Mega Man 7
Last Episode Growing Up Mega Man
Next Episode The Later Man Stage


When the Episode begins Alex tells the audiance that they had just found out that the Freeze Man stage is actually the 4th boss that should be taken down instead of the first as seen in the last episode. Alex then explains to the audience that Jirard is revisiting the Freeze Man stage in order to collect some items they missed. Jirard tells the viewers that he is happy for the love expressed for Mega Man 7 over his twitter page and proceeds to explain that one of the reasons to why he is playing Mega Man 7 is because he was upset with the amount of content missed during the Game Grumps play through of Mega Man 7.


  • they find the exit pod in the Freeze Man stage
  • Burst Man stage is started
  • the "R" was obtained
  • The Burst Man level was completed


Alex promises to play Street Fighter X Megaman with Jirard


  • Met is a mechaniloid in the Megaman series and his English name is Metall meaning "all helmet" and was previously known as Mettool until 2004 when the official name Mettaur was finally given. They are sometimes referred to as Hard Hat
  • Due to Met's popularity, there are many enemies and mini bosses that look like Met
  • Burst Man was originally made to guard the nuclear power plant until Dr Wiley stole him and corrupted him
  • Burst Man Loves festivals and that is why he shoots out bombs because they represents fireworks
  • Due to the liquid substances in Burst Man's body he is weak to Freeze Cracker and Scortch wheel.
  • Burst Man is also seen the Manga before the Mega Man 7 Manga series
  • Burst Man shares Alot of similarities with Bomb Man as they both love fireworks
  • Burst Man and Spring Man are the two Robot Masters that dont have a counter part in Battle Network
  • Burst Man also shares the same weaknesses as Slash Man
  • Burst Man is the only Robot Master that is immune to the Rush hyper rocket buster

Not RelatedEdit

  • Alex claims that the polar bear in the Freeze Man stage is from Disney World. He does state however that it is more of a guess
  • Jirard had lost this game, but his father found it along with some other games as he was cleaning the garrage

Question of the DayEdit

Who is your favorite Mega Man boss and why??

Jirard's is Launch Octopus while Alex's is Flame Mammoth

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