Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - The Completionist Episode 103

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - The Completionist Episode 103

Episode Number 103
Date Released September 12th, 2014
Completionist Rating Look At It!
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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is a beat 'em up platformer video game released for the Sega Genesis in 1990. It exists as a tie-in with Michael Jackson's 1988 film Moonwalker. The game involved the player controlling the pop star in a quest to save all the kids that had been kidnapped by Mr. Big. In the arcade version, Katie was one of three types of children who could be rescued, in the home version, all of the captive children are young blond girls termed "Katies", although Zeke appears in the end sequence.

The game's levels and music were borrowed from the film (though many of the music tracks were taken from Jackson's Thriller album as well) and the player had the ability to destroy enemies by making them dance. In the console game Michael could become a robot by rescuing a certain child first, and then grabbing a comet that fell from the sky. In the arcade version, Michael became a robot by rescuing his chimp pal Bubbles. The arcade version also had the novel feature of three simultaneous players (each controlling Jackson's character in a different-colored "Smooth Criminal" outfit).

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The Completionist Edit

Jirard reviewed the game for the 103rd episode of The Completionist. He did it as a request for a fan named Max, who he met at a convention cosplaying as the King of Pop himself. It also closely ties in with what would have been Michael's 56th birthday were he alive today.

Though the game's plot makes little sense, Jirard is still excited to play the game due to being able to play as Michael Jackson. Greg points out how the game doesn't represent the arcade version, and is watered down in pretty much everything, citing the dance party as a major letdown in the Genesis version. Jirard finds the Michael Jackson flair fun, but the charm for him ends there. Sometimes the music doesn't translate that well to Genesis, and the game lacks Thriller during the graveyard sections.

Jirard finds the gameplay awkward to describe, due to the unorthodox manner in which Michael attacks enemies. He finds it weird, yet monotonous as the levels go on. He's also not a fan of the game using hordes of enemies to increase difficulty, but strangely finds the game fun despite all its faults. He finds the game is comparable to The Room. He also finds the game easy as a whole.

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