Michael Jackson's Rhythm Heaven
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 42 - Michael Jackson's Rhythm Heaven

Game Mother 3
Episode 42
Date Aired October 8th, 2014
Episode Length 32:53
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode You're Welcome
Next Episode We invented Laterman! Where are you guys going?

"The frog is Immortal"
- Jirard Khalil


Salsa Time! We are met once again in the Chimera Lab where only seconds into the video and Jirard is in a fight with the Pigmask captain. As they progress through the Lab Jirard continues to plow through the horde of Pig's as they theorize whats to come in the new Super Smash Bros and the new characters that are to come. After leaving the Lab they meet with with Dr. Andonuts who gives them an animal needed to empty the pond in order to receive another Needle.


  • Jirard wasted a one up
  • Jirard level grinded for Salsa
  • Jirard Made it to the Magypsy
  • Jirard encountered a Nice Poser and defeated him.... with ease
  • Jirard found Dr. Andonuts
  • Jirard got another needle
  • Kimatora Joined the Party
  • Jirard Ended another Chapter


  • If you knock on the girls bathroom in the Chimera Lab ghosts will appear
  • Nice Poser is a mechanical Man

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Jirard and Alex have been rocking to Michael Jackson ever since the Michael Jackson completionist.
  • Alex wants to keep their wiki alive
  • Jirard watches his youtube on on phone but prefers his computer the most
  • Alex asked to see Fassad as Half human and half piece of shit

Question of the DayEdit

*Whats the grossest non-gory thing you have ever seen in a game?

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