Michael Santell
Michael Santell
Also Known As Santell
First Appearance - Super Beard Bros. The New Super Scope News! - Super Scope News
First Appearance - The Completionist The Completionist- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Classically Competitive
Birthday Unknown
Links Twitter
Michael Santell is a member of That One Video Gamer that works on Super Scope Show, Michael is also on Super Couch Fighters.

Super Scope Show Edit

Santell is co-host of Super Scope News with Fraizer on the Super Scope Show, he replaced Greg Willmot in Season 2 after Greg left TOVG.

Super Couch Fighter Edit

Micheal is co-host of Super Couch Fighter alongside Brett Bayonne, together they play recent fighting games along with breaking them down, they also have Run it Back where they play classic and forgotten fighting games, and thier show is called Road to EVO where Brett trains Jirard in Street Fighter mechanics along with Ryu in Street Fighter V to prepare him for EVO 2016 while Santell provides commentary and comedic humor. Their more recent show is The Dojo: Quest for Planium, where they also train Strippin in Street Fighter V

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