Mid Week Monkey
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Donkey Kong Country Episode 9 - Mid Week Monkey

Game Donkey Kong Country
Episode 9
Date Aired November 6th, 2013
Episode Length 17:42
Playlist Donkey Kong Country
Last Episode Bega Down
Next Episode The Last of The Monkeys


The episode begins with Greg giving the bad news that Lou Bega had just passed away. Jirard then informs him that it was actually Lou Reed who had died, not Lou Bega. Jirard tries to welcome everyone back to the show, but it is short lived, as Alex tells a story about mixing up Lou Bega and Lou Reed.

When looking for secrets, Greg tells Jirard that there is a Rambi secret down a hole. Jirard, trustingly, jumps down the hole without hesitation, only to die. Greg quickly tries to save himself, saying that the map is very hard to read.

In the next level, Trick Track Trek, Greg once again misleads Jirard. When riding a conveyor belt, Greg tells Jirard that he has to do a roll jump off to reach a platform. Once again, Jirard falls to his death.

Jirard is forced to replay Trick Track Trek for a fourth time, and since the level is painstakingly long, Greg and Alex resort to "kid jokes," such as Alex having Greg spell "I cup" and Greg telling Alex to hold his tongue and say "Apple." Alex then stumps the other Beard Bros. with a very funny joke. "Why did the boat go to the window? To get a glass of milk." Greg tries to top the joke with "Why did the viper viper nose? Because she adder handkerchief." 

Beard Bros 2013, everybody.


  • Oil Drum Alley beaten
  • Trick Track Trek beaten


  • Trick Track Trek is a notoriously long level for speed runners, as there is no way to quickly get through the level.

Not RelatedEdit

  • Lou Bega's last name is Lubega.
  • Greg edits the videos  Greg is the one who hastily puts the videos together.
  • If you say Girl into you hands, it sounds like you're saying Dewey.

Question of the DayEdit

Either make a video response of you saying "Girl" into your hands, or in the comments say weather you prefer Lou Bega or Lou Reed.

Final JokeEdit

Jirard: Why did everyone think Lou Bega was dead? Because Lou Reed's career died.

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