Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 39 - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Game Mother 3
Episode 39
Date Aired September 30th, 2014
Episode Length 30:09
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Here Lies Bilp
Next Episode Hanna The Vampire


Finally reaching the Chimera Lab Alex makes a reference to Vanessa Carlton saying "making my way downtown". Alex is also happy that they may now finally get to the source of all the weird creatures that have been seen throughout the land. The rest of This episode however is spent chasing down a Black Bean


  • Jirard got the Bufferizer
  • Jirard defeated the Black Bean and got 4 level ups
  • Lucas learned a new shield and offense up technique
  • Jirard defeated the Black Bean again and got an extra 3 level ups
  • Lucas learned a new healing technique


  • The "Black Beanling" is an enemy located in the Sunshine Forest and if the bufferizer is used on this enemy then he will give you 32160 exp

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Jirard is glad that he is done with Hyrule Warriors
  • Jirard compares the hunting in Hyrule Warriors to that of Monster Hunter
  • To get shiny pokemon quickly then get a Inkay, the octopus bird, and with its suction cups you get pokemon easier when fishing. equip it with a smoke ball to help you escape and keep fishing until you get a silver pokemon.
  • Jirard once called his girlfriend Amanda on the phone to talk and later out of no where she bursted into laughter and hung up the phone. After a while she calls him back and resets the conversation as though nothing happened. when Jirard asked her what happened she said "I just had a thought, What if Boofy and yayya(I couldn't here the names properly) were clouds?" and so Jirard too started to laugh because his girlfriend was forced to hang up the phone in order to reclaim herself.

Question of the DayEdit

What grinding trick do you know?

Jirard answered with Earth Bound

Mini Question of the WeekEdit

'What is something that soothes you?

  • Jirard talked about Final Fantasy six and how if you cast invisible on an enemy then X-ray, you automatically kill them and get easy exp
  • In pokemon X and Y Alex uses the experience point O-power and then he goes to the restauraunt in Lumio City and does a triple rotation battle with the lucky egg equiped in order to power level his pokemon
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