Mother's Day
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 6 - Mother's Day

Game Mother 3
Episode 6
Date Aired May 11th, 2014
Episode Length 17:19
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode The Cloth and the Thief
Next Episode The Free Store


The moment the episode starts, Alex sings a little tune to ask the viewers how they are doing, although they cannot respond. They then dive right into a boss fight against a Reconstructed Caribou.

Right as Jirard beats the Reconstructed Caribou, Alex notices that one of the enemy's antlers looks like a "piece of a car", although he can't quite put his finger on what it is called. Due to this, he states that he doesn't know anything about cars, which prompts Jirard to come forth with a new show idea: Super Mechanic Bros, a series in which Jirard and Alex fix cars.


  • Reconstructed Caribou Defeated
  • Pig Mark Notebook obtained
  • Lucas and Claus found


  • The Pigmasks looked drastically different in Earthbound 64.

Question of the DayEdit

Have you ever lost somebody important to you?

Jirard said that he lost his mother, Kareen Khalil

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