Mountain Dew on the PS9
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mega Man 7 9 - Mountain Dew on the PS9

Game Mega Man 7
Episode 9
Date Aired July 20th, 2014
Episode Length 23:18
Playlist Mega Man 7
Last Episode Biscuit Risk It
Next Episode Bill Cosby Starfox (Finale Part 1)


its the little clenches that get you the most - Alex Faciane 2014


Yet again Alex tries to sing a song and yet again he fails with Jirard questioning what he is talking about(He could have sung Sunday Bloody Sunday). With the third Wiley Stage in on its way Jirard is that much closer to finally beating the stage. Alex also makes a comment on the stage stating that it looks like "an ad for Mountain Dew back in the 90's".


  • Jirard Started part 3 of the Wiley Stages
  • Jirard fought and beat HannyaNED^2
  • Jirard completed part 3 of the Wiley stages
  • Jirard Began part 4 of the Wiley stages
  • Jirard fought and beat all Robot Masters
  • Jirard began fighting Dr Wiley and beat the first form


  • HannyaNED^2 is based off of old Japanese tradition
  • The kanji on HannyaNED^2's shoulder pads say "a certain killing"

Not RelatedEdit

  • The third Wiley stage reminds Alex of Mountain Dew commercials back in the 90's that went "ptskhuu pstzz get juiced Mountain Dew"
  • Alex and Jirard saw Keiji Inefune in SGC
  • Alex believes that HannyaNED^2's kanji are badass
  • Alex broke the promise to himself of never fake crying on the show
  • Jirard doesn't like HannyaNED^2
  • Alex announced a new contest of trying to get them in touch with the blackout band
  • Alex appreciated the extra animations made for hitting bosses with their weakness

Question of the DayEdit

What is your most extreme experience back in the 90's?

Jirard said gushers

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