No More Heroes
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Episode Number 28
Date Released May 17th, 2012
Completionist Rating Finish It!
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Jirard's Big Date

Jirard's Big Date

Jirard's Secret Video

No More Heroes (ノーモア★ヒーローズ Nō Moa Hīrōzu?) is an action video game for the Wii. It was directed by Goichi Suda (known by the nickname Suda51), developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Marvelous Entertainment, Ubisoft and Rising Star Games. The title comes from the album title No More Heroes which was released by the British punk band The Stranglers. A sequel, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, was first released in North America on January 26, 2010.

A port of the game called No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with additional content in Japan. Unlike the original, the international version of the game was published by Konami, and currently only the PlayStation 3 version of the game has been localized in Europe and North America. The International PS3 version is uncensored like the Japanese Xbox 360 version.

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The CompletionistEdit

On May 17th, 2012, Jirard reviewed No More Heroes for The Completionist on the Wii, one of the games that Jirard considers a "Hidden Gem."

Jirard finds the story very gripping, and got him interested right away. He also compares the concept favorably to Star Wars. Additionally, he praises the art direction, stating it looks great for a Wii game. The voice acting and main theme are also well-received. After pointing out the prominence of the color red in the game, Greg calls Jirard a commie.

Jirard finds the gameplay to be addictive, and he never gets tired of the motion control-based combat. Though he admits he looks weird playing the game. Though he finds the minigames and mini assassination missions get stale with repetition. Though the story and boss fights keep him interested throughout.

During the episode, Jirard linked his viewers to a "Secret Video" titled Jirard's Big Date. This video was made back in 2007, and is only known to a few Completionist fans. According to the up-loader, Jirard was the one who actually had the idea to do this. Allen Barstow and Alex Kramer are the two who filmed the video, as well as the effects.


  • During the episode, Jirard said the game was directed by Suda 5-1 (Five One), and caught a lot of flak about it being Suda 51 (Fifty One). However, in Screwattack!, Jirard said that he had done a lot of research, and found that he was actually pronouncing it correct. In Japanese, he is called Suda Go Ichi, but in Japanese, Go is 5, Ichi is 1, and Go Jyuu Ichi ​is 51.
  • Greg compares the game to Catherine.
  • Jirard said there will be swearing in the video but there wasn't any in game audio of any swearing.
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