Nose Horns
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 46 - Nose Horns

Game Mother 3
Episode 46
Date Aired October 28th, 2014
Episode Length 38:47
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Jirard Shoots Alex
Next Episode Fishing For Birdies


After having climbed the Mountain of no return, Jirard fears for what is to come next for he has forgotten to fill up on supplies. Alex however reassures him that he will be fine, and that there is sure to be a Mole Cricket, digging and hopping about somewhere near by. Alex was right, the mole cricket was quite literally right there next to Jirard. After speaking with the Mole Cricket, Jirard headed north towards the Next Magypsy's home, where they found phrygia, the sleeping Magypsy with a sign next to her bed. The Sign Provided Lucas with some Encouraging Words that were meant to help remove the boulder that blocked their path, and after speaking these Encouraging Words to the boulder, The boulder gladly moved on aside, and the Adventure went on.


  • Jirard Met another Magypsy
  • Jirard spoke to a boulder(crazy I know)
  • Jirard made it to the volcano
  • Jirard encountered another Needle
  • Jirard fought Fassad and defeated him like a BOSS
  • Jirard pulled another Needle out of the floor
  • Jirard recieved Phrygia's momento
  • jirard lost another one up


  • Lady lava is a creature that is unknown even to the game itself

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Alex had stinky feet in this episode
  • Alex is too lazy to put socks on
  • Motercycles kept driving by

Question of the DayEdit

*Whats your favorite Lava Level?

Alex loves the Lava Level in Super Mario 64

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