Not Yoshi's Island
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Mario RPG Episode 7 - Not Yoshi's Island

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 7
Date Aired August 7th, 2013
Episode Length 20:38
Playlist Super Mario RPG
Last Episode Geno!
Next Episode Fan Question Day!


During the episode, it is revealed that Frazier got a promotion, so he will no longer be on Super Beard Bros. shows. He will be missed.

The episode is starts with Jirard stealing the treasures of a Toad in need. When asked if he was the one to steal, he admits it and is told a secret, going Left, Left, Straight, Right in the Forest Maze. Alex than says that finding all of the secrets in this game must have been a huge pain, and Jirard is glad that he doesn't have to complete this game again.

Afterwards, Jirard than goes into Gaz's house, a little boy Toad, crushing his dreams by saying that no wishes will come true, although Mario and his friends can fix it, sparking Greg to joke about the kid's wishes not coming true.

Inside the Coal Mines, Jirard expresses that he hates what happens half-way in. When trying to progress, Mario will get knocked out, and his old friend Croco will come in and steal all of his coins. Mario than must chase Croco to get his stuff back.


During this episode, Jirard obtains a weapon for Geno, a Finger Shot, from the Toad kid Gaz. After obtaining, Greg pretends to wrap up the episode.

Jirard also does some side quests, going to Yo'ster Isle. Yoshi races Boshi, the current Blue-Yoshi boss, and wins using "Performance Enhancing" cookies.

The episode ends with Jirard half-way through the Coal Mines in Moleville, promising to show his favorite star glitch in the game in the next episode.


  • Molevile's name in Japanese is Dukati, like the moletercycle company, Ducati.

Final WordEdit

Note: Alex and Jirard's Final Words were asked close to the start of the episode, after obtaining the Finger Shot. Alex was also asked again at the end of the episode.

Alex: Party! 

Jirard: Wait, we're not really stopping, are we?

Alex (2nd): Saberman

Greg: Tell your friends.

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