Now in 4 by 3 for Some Stupid Reason
Super Beard Brothers - Star Fox 64 Episode 5 - Now in 4 by 3 for Some Stupid Reason!

Super Beard Brothers - Star Fox 64 Episode 5 - Now in 4 by 3 for Some Stupid Reason!

Game Star Fox 64
Episode 5
Date Aired December 21st, 2012
Episode Length 20:02
Playlist Star Fox 64
Last Episode Completionist Beards
Next Episode The Pride Lands

"Guys I like space stuff! Surprise."
- Alex


The Beardman Team start this video by singing their introductions. They continue by explaining that they will now play the game for a third time, following the bottom route.

In this episode, Jirard comments on how the bottom route levels are less enjoyable as the top ones because they are less challenging.

To the end of the video, during the Fortuna level, Alex had to calm Jirard and stop him from defeating the Star Wolf Team so that they can continue through the bottom route as planned.


  • Corneria
  • Meteo
  • Fortuna


  • James McCloud (Fox's father) had a doppelgänger in the F-Zero universe with the same name. He is a human (dressed like Fox's father) that competes in the FX Grand Prix races, being a member of "Galaxy Dog" as a mercenary. The design of his racing car is similar to the Arwing.
  • The G-diffusion system (Gravity Diffusion) used by the Arwing is the same technology used by F-Zero racing cars to propel themselves.
  • Doing a somersault between the first level's legs without getting hit earns the player a life.
  • Meteo used to be a planet in the Lylat system, but it was somehow destroyed into an asteroid belt.
  • The Level called "Fortuna" was actually wrongly named, and it is in fact Fichina, which is a frosted level, whereas Fortuna is a rain forest world. This error was corrected in the 3DS version.


  • Alex likes Space Stuff.


  • In this video they repeat that they will play the first level of the game (Corneria) in the Cockpit POV
    • Alex promised Jirard that if he finishes the Cockpit Corneria level with a medal, he will buy Jirard lunch
  • Jirard promises to play the Katina level (that they call "The Independence Day" level).
  • Jirard promises to play the unfinished ROM of Star Fox 2
  • Alex and Jirard promised to have a Versus multi-player show off battle.
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