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The Completionist Pepsiman And The Great Soda War

The Completionist Pepsiman And The Great Soda War

Episode Number 146
Date Released October 9th, 2015
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Pepsiman (ペプシマン?) is a 1999 Japanese video game for the PlayStation based on the marketing mascot of Pepsi called Pepsiman.

Mobygames described the gameplay: "This game is based on the Japanese Pepsi mascot who appeared in different commercials inJapan. In these he appeared where people were thirsty, quenched the people's thirst, then injured himself most of the time. The game more or less follows this series of events as you run along stages collecting Pepsi cans, while trying your best to avoid injury or public humiliation. The goal of every stage is to run along a set course, jumping or sliding out of harm's way and in the end reach a vending machine with... you guessed it! Pepsi of course!"

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The Completionist Edit

Jirard reviewed the game for the 146th episode of The Completionist.

The intro is shot in a quality reflective of an old video tape with Jirard, Alex, and Frazier lamenting how hot they are. The scene is frequently interrupted with shots of Pepsiman running until he arrives at the TOVG office and delivers the men some Pepsi. One of them complains that their drink is hot, and he gives them a can from his pants. Frazier complains, and in retaliation, Pepsiman turns Frazier into Pepsi.

Jirard criticizes the live action cutscenes as having no relevance to the game, as well as making fun of overweight Americans. He’s also critical of Pepsiman’s status as a hero. He also wishes the plot was more ridiculous with more at stake.

Jirard finds the presentation off, from the cutscenes to the use of the Pepsiman theme. He also makes the inevitable comparisons to Sonic Adventure 2. However, he does cut the graphics some slack, as they look fine for the PS1.

Jirard compares the gameplay to that of Temple Run, a game he despises. He’s also critical of the game not teaching the player how to boost and slow down, the tedium of collecting Pepsi cans, and Pepsiman’s hitbox. Above all, he finds the game unfairly difficult.

MowteenDew makes a remix of the Pepsiman theme during the gameplay section of the review.

Jirard finds the completion bonuses pointless, sans Free Mode, which he wish he knew he could use to make completing levels easier.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second Japanese-only game reviewed on The Completionist, after Mother 3.
  • The game was donated to the show by a Patreon supporter named Scott.
  • This video was NOT sponsored by Pepsi. But Jirard claims he reached out to ask them for a sponsor.
  • The Completionist logo is replaced with the Pepsi logo in the segment interludes.
  • The game capture froze for Jirard some time during the final level of the game, forcing Jirard to get the final cutscene through YouTube. However, he still beat the game 100% and shows a stat screen to prove this.
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