Super Beard Bros. - Super Mario Land 2 Featuring Davis

Super Beard Bros. - Super Mario Land 2 Featuring Davis. Episode 5 - Physics

Game Super Mario Land 2
Episode 5
Date Aired March 1st, 2013
Episode Length 26:11
Playlist Super Mario Land 2
Last Episode HAPPY IN SPACE!
Next Episode Pumpkin Hill


The episode begins with Davis introducing the show as "Super Davis Bros." Jirard makes a joke about the hills having eyes, referencing the movie The Hills Have Eyes. Davis manages to find the secret ending and does the secret level, before returning to the normal levels. Lots of time is spent discussing TV Shows like Arrow and Heroes. Davis dies twice on the boss.


  • Macro Zone beaten


  • The rat boss of Macro Zone is named Ricky.
  • In german, Ricky is named Riesenmaus, which means "Big Mouse"
  • Ricky is the first enemy that Mario meets in Mario vs. Wario. He is defeated when Mario takes a hold of Ricky's snout and pulls it, thinking that it's a party favor.

Not RelatedEdit

  • Davis likes Smallville, the TV series about Superman.


  • For the finale episode, Jirard will play Mario Teaches Typing.
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