Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mega Man 7 7 - Protowned

Game Mega Man 7
Episode 7
Date Aired July 13th, 2014
Episode Length 18:42
Playlist Mega Man 7
Last Episode Ta-Ta Turtle Man!
Next Episode Biscuit Risk It


Starting this episode, Jirard enters the store and gives the bolt to auto while Alex makes the remake stating that he still cannot believe that this game was made in 3 months. Jirard gets the S can and then re-enters the Shade Man stage as well as other previous stages to get what he has missed.


  • Jirard gave the screw to auto
  • Jirard got the S can
  • Jirard fought Proto Man and got the ProtoShield
  • Jirard found Beat the bird


  • Proto Man is fought in the Shade Man stage and the Proto shield is obtained
  • Proto Man has no weakness
  • Proto Man was the first creation of Dr Light
  • Proto Man was the first robot created with independent thought
  • He was called Proto Man because he is a prototype and his design was never completed
  • Proto Man's energy core had a huge problem and so when Dr Light wanted to fix him, Proto Man refused because he was afraid that the fix would change him and so Proto Man ran away
  • soon after Proto Man ran away, Dr Light created Rock and Roll (The robots not the music) which were the perfect robots that Proto Man was meant to be
  • Proto Alex
    Beat the bird can be obtained in Slash Man's stage

Not RelatedEdit

  • Jirard coughed sickly in this episode
  • Alex and Jirard were bummed out by the look of Pumkin Man
  • Jirards skills were proven when Proto Man was beaten
  • Alex commented on the large sprites stating that he loves them, and Jirard agrees
  • Alex always sees the bats from Mega Man X as "The Bat"
  • Alex believes that Proto Man should get his own game
  • Super Secret Bros was invented at the end of this episode

Question of the DayEdit

Whats your favorite secret character in a game?

Alex's was tuxedo snake

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