Pumpkin Hill
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Mario Land 2 Episode 6 - Pumpkin Hill

Game Super Mario Land 2
Episode 6
Date Aired Februrary 5th, 2014
Episode Length 31:11
Playlist Super Mario Land 2
Last Episode Physics
Next Episode Wario's Castle


After more than 11 months of being in hiatus, the Beard Bros. finally return to Super Mario Land 2, with the help of Davis from the WarpZone. Through the episode, they proceed to beat Pumpkin Zone.

As of this episode, the Super Mario Land 2 Series was not planned to be an episode for The Completionist, but because of a comment on Jirard's twitch channel, this is now a behind-the-scenes for a future episode. Alex also jokes about how because of this comment, it is easier to make more content when they are being abused.


  • Pumpkin Zone Beaten.


  • Even though the title sports the "DELUXE" title, their is no "DELUXE" Gerg Seal, and is in turn replaced by the regular intro for Super Mario Land 2.
  • The J Son enemy is a reference to Jason Voorhees of the Friday the 13th movies.
  • J Sons attack in a similar to Goombas. However, stomping on a J Son will give Mario an upward jump, as opposed to Goombas giving no jumps.
  • The Kyororoare based on monsters from Japanese folklore. The Kyororo comes from Hitotsume Kozoo (one-eyed boys), troublesome one-eyed boys with large tongues that are said to run around frightening people.
  • The Koopas in Super Mario Land 2 walk on four legs, instead of the now known two legs.
  • In the Mario vs. Wario comic, Sabāsa appears and says "You won't get away for me, my pretty!," a reference to The Wizard of Oz.
  • Beating the level three secret level in Pumpkin Zone changes the gravestones to Boo Buddies
  • Pumpkin Zone is the only area to have two secret levels.

Not RelatedEdit

  • Davis's favorite game controller is the Game Cube Controller.

Final WordEdit

Davis: You know, this game is great, and this level is another great level, and I believe it is about kids that died in a fire.

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