Pun, Pun, Pun
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Mario RPG Episode 16 - Pun, Pun, Pun

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 16
Date Aired March 18th, 2014
Episode Length 27:24
Playlist Super Mario RPG
Last Episode Novemberween
Next Episode Pun Times in Nimbus Land!


The episode begins with Jirard informing the audience that he power-leveled quite a bit since the last episode, going from level 13 to level 21. Alex, on the other hand, brings up the bad news that Greg will no longer be in episodes.

During the episode, Jirard mentions that his girl friend, Amanda Flagg, has an insane obsession with geckos, and that if she was here, she would make a Gecko Face. Unsurprisingly, Alex asks the question that is (hopefully) on everyone's mind: What is a Gecko Face? Jirard kindly demonstrates this face, while Alex describes what he's seeing. Alex says that, in his own words, that "It looks like he ate a tiny chocolate that he really likes, and he keeps sticking his tongue out a little bit with his his eyes closed because he wants to re-taste the chocolate." Okay...

Later in the episode, Jirard gives us a little hint as to what is to become of Super Beard Brothers. They said that they will continue to do Let's Plays during the weekends, and that the show will change up a lot, but the let's plays will stay about the same. This leaves quite a bit of room to speculate, as Alex said that playing Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee would be a good game to play.


  • Belome Defeated (again)
  • Made it to Nimbus Land


  • Land's End is the place where all of Bowser's Reject minions go.
  • In Japanese, Land's End is called Kantorii Roudo, or Country Road.
  • The enemy Shogun's Japanese name is literally Ant Warrior. It's name is also a pun on Shogun (how?).
  • Monstro Town is a pun on the word "monster," although Alex says otherwise.
  • In Japanese, Fink Flowers are called Lip Flowers, and are called Spy Flowers in German.
  • In Japanese, Stinger enemies are called Red 8 Bito. In Japanese, this is, you guessed it, a pun, as the word for bee, as well as eight, is 
  • hachi, which makes it eight-bit.
  • Smilax gets its name from a real plant of the same name. They don't seem to resemble each other, though, and are only similar in that they both are red.
  • In Japanese, Smilax is called Tsubomi, which means bud.
    Japanese Super Mario RPG commercial

    Japanese Super Mario RPG commercial

  • In a Japanese Commercial, Mega Smilax can be seen singing about the game in a big city.
  • The bird on Valentina's head resembles Squawks the Parrot from Donkey Kong Country.

Question of the DayEdit

While Not in the Episode, the description of the video asked the question of...

What is a Shogun?

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