Pun Times in Nimbus Land!
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Mario RPG Episode 17 - Pun Times in Nimbus Land!

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 17
Date Aired March 19th, 2014
Episode Length 34:01
Playlist Super Mario RPG
Last Episode Pun, Pun, Pun
Next Episode Carsino...


As soon as the episode starts, Alex puts together that the Cloud-People all wear fezzes, which confirms Fez 2. Alex solved the puzzle. Super Mario RPG tells the future of the past. Immediately after, Jirard gets lost looking for Garro's house. Needless to say, the episode starts off strong.

Throughout the episode, Alex makes tons of puns about the Mario enemies, saying that Leuko is a pun on Jellyfish, as well as Kurara, and Dodo is a pun on parrots, and just starts to confuse himself.

While fighting Valentina, Jirard explains why he hates her so much: Whenever you hit Valentina, he chest-icles jiggle immensely whenever you attack her, which makes the entire fight feel awkward.


  • Dodo Defeated?
  • Valentina defeated.


  • Pinwheels are named after the little wind toys.
  • In Japan, Muckle are called Hai Kurara, or High Kurara. Kurara, in Japanese, means Leuko, and Leuko means See-Through.
  • In Japanese, Nimbus Land is called Marshmallow Land.

Not RelatedEdit

  • Jirard rented this game as a young beardman, and Valentina's Palace is where the game was last saved at.
  • Birdo is called Catherine in Japan.
  • Nimbus means Cloud in Latin.

Question of the DayEdit

Have you ever had a situation that you rented a game/used game and found a weird save or something cool on it?

Alex said that he once bought Pokemon Mystery Dungeon/Pokemon Ranger and the save was at the point where you get Manaphy and Phione, but they hadn't done the missions yet, so Alex claimed them.

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