Pushing up Daisies
Dark Souls III Let's Play 2 - Pushing up Daisies

Dark Souls III Let's Play 2 - Pushing up Daisies

Game Dark Souls 3
Episode 2
Date Aired January 18th, 2017
Length 38:29
Playlist Dark Souls III
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The intro of the episode is Alex fighting the samurai to get the kitana, being very afraid of the samurai, a sword master, and finally falling off a cliff with the words "oh fuck my cock".


Progress Edit

Jirard promises that even though the game is going to get harder from now, that he doesn't have the guide but that he will be Alex' trainer, "the doc to your Little Mac" as Jirard puts it. Alex enters the next area of the Cemetery of Ash and kills a few enemies. After a while Alex asks Jirard if he wants Alex to kill every enemy Alex sees in the game. Eventually Alex sees the sword master and starts to fight him, and dies. After retrieving his souls, Alex returns to the bonfire to use his souls but can't do that yet. Time to fight the sword master again. Jirard tries to coach Alex trough it , and then Jirard gets the guide to look up the sword master. Sam "Strippin" is in the office today, and Jirard tells him to get in there. He is heard in the background, and tells Alex to lure the sword master off the cliff and exit the game without saving to get the item. Alex doesn't want to use cheese strats, and he doesn't want to move on until he beats that guy. Finally, at the ninth try, Alex defeats the sword master with the power of parry but dies at the same time. A similar thing happened to Jirard in his Bloodborne video. The result is that the sword master is defeated and Alex gets the Uchigatana, the Master's Attire and Master's Gloves.

Alex enters the Firelink Shrine, talks to the NPCs, gains some souls by using Soul of an Unknown Traveler, one Souls of a Deserted Corpse and four Fading Souls. He levels up Dexterity to 13, then lights the bonfire and after talking with Ludleth rests at the bonfire.


  • Jirard welcomes the viewer by saying "Welcome to Super Patrick Swayze Bros." which is the second time he says Patrick Swayze's name in the series.
  • Jirard wants Alex to give the first enemy of the episode "the Dempskey", meaning Patrick Dempsey (mentioned for the second time) who plays Dr McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy. Jirard wants to give an enemy the Grant Kirkhope (the video game composer). Other famous people that are mentioned in this way are "Wesley Snipes", "Johnny Knoxville", "Matthew Fox", "Matthew Perry", "Katy Perry"
  • After picking up a Homeward Bone a couple of dog movies are mentioned, "Homeward Bound" and "A Dog's Purpose".
  • Mike Ross and K-Brad are mentioned, both are professional Street Fighter players.

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Question of the day Edit

What the fuck is "A Dog's Purpose"?

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