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Super Beard Bros. - A Link to the Past 3 - Quetch Fest

Game Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Episode 3
Date Aired May 3rd, 2014
Episode Length 20:38
Playlist A Link to the Past
Last Episode Why Are You Came?
Next Episode Fish That Suck Fish


The episode begins with Jirard addressing the hate that was coming from Jirard skipping almost all of the text to the game, which, to the viewers, made the game boring. Jirard then says that while he isn't making a promise, he will try his best to not rush through the game.

During the episode, Alex brings up two articles about Zelda, which he first forgot about and then searched up and then (generously) shared with the viewers. The First article is called The Stone Tower: Why Termina was Doomed by Hylian Dan, and the second is called Zelda Just Keeps Getting Worse. But It Isn't Beyond Saving by Tevis Thompson. Both of these articles changed how Alex viewed the Zelda games.

Beard Bros. DebateEdit

For the first time ever, Jirard initiates a "Beard Bros. Debate," where he asks Alex that when he was a kid, he would see an 8 on the rocks, and weather or not this was intentional. Alex assumes that these are, infact, not yams, and are just a texture for the rocks.


  • 4 total Pieces of Heart obtained
  • Ice Rod obtained
  • Book of Mudora obtained
  • Power Glove obtained
  • Seventh Heart Piece obtained
  • Lanmola defeated
  • Eighth Heart Piece obtained
  • Pendant of Power obtained!
  • Desert Palace beaten


  • Mudora comes from the ancient Greek language, which means holder of knowledge, tutor or holder of high wisdom, and the Book of Mudora indeed is "a holder of knowledge" that teaches Link the ability to translate the ancient Hylian language.
  • Several books seen in Ocarina of Time 3D appear similar to the Book of Mudora. These can be seen in Impa's House, in the Lakeside Laboratory, and in Dampé's House. These books show the Sheikah Symbol on one side while the other side cannot be seen. Also in official artwork for Skyward Sword, Gaepora is holding a book similar to the Book of Mudora.[1]
  • (Theory) The Power Glove might be a reference to the Nintendo Power Glove
  • Hitting the Lanmola with the Ice Rod will instantly kill it.

Not RelatedEdit

  • When Game Grumps had started, Jon and Arin (the hosts), had played Goof Troop a bit after Jirard reviewed it. Because of this, people went on to Jirard's video to say they ripped the game off from The Grumps, even though his video came out 4 1/2 months earlier.

Question of the DayEdit

First Question: Is it an 8 or a rawk?

Second Question: Have you ever gone through the entirety of the first Zelda game, and if so, what did you think of it?

Jirard said that he played ALttP before Zelda 1, so he thought that it was a worse game than ALttP. Alex then asks Jirard what was bad about it, and he said that the game felt too repetitive and favored items that made the game easier, rather than because he liked them.


  1. Theory on the Book of Mudora
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