Quick Work!
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Metroid Episode 10 - Quick Work!

Game Super Metroid
Episode 10
Date Aired September 15th, 2013
Episode Length 13:50
Playlist Super Metroid
Last Episode SUPERMAN!!!
Next Episode Screwattack!


The episode opens with the Beard Bros. singing a Sunday musical number, consisting of only the word "Sunday." Jirard then informs us that it is, in fact, Sunday. Afterwards, Jirard goes through Meridia, and he reminds us that it is his least favourite area.

Alex discusses the Legend of Zelda series, with Jirard saying that Greg is currently playing through Ocarina of Time for the first time as of the recording of this episode. Greg's one thing that he says about the game is that the game is beautiful. Alex also says that he loves Wind Waker, speaking so highly of the game, alluding that the game may be his favorite in the series.

Jirard then fights Draygon, which he tries to beat using a glitch to kill him in 10 seconds.. However, Jirard has a hard time pulling it off, making the battle last a lot longer than usual. He does, eventually, defeat him, but then he stumbles into a room, and is forced to fight The Botwoon. However, Jirard defeats him with almost no effort. Moments later, he obtains another E tank, bringing his total Energy to 12. He then gets the reward from defeating Draygon, the Space Jump, which then makes him able to traverse the entire map, stopping all of the sequence breaking.

The episode ends after defeating Draygon, saying that they will obtain the Plasma Beam and the Screw Attack in the next 2-3 episodes, as well as ending the series. 


  • Draygon defeated
  • Botwoon defeated
  • 12th Energy tank aquired
  • Space Jump aquired


  • The Draygon fight is Jirard's least favourite fight in Super Metroid.

Not RelatedEdit

  • Greg had never played through Ocarina of Time until the date of recording of this episode, he had, however, watched other people beating it.
  • Jirard has never beaten Wind Waker.


Alex and Jirard both suggest that they play Metroid Fusion as the Finale episode of the series. 

Question of the DayEdit

What is a secret that everyone uses?

Jirard did not give an answer. Alex said getting Yuffie and Vincent in Final Fantasy 7. Greg said that he likes Warp Whistles, as well as getting all three starters in Pokemon.

Final Word (of Wisdom)Edit

Alex: Okay.

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