Super Beard Bros. - Wild Arms Ep

Super Beard Bros. - Wild Arms Ep. 3 - ROODY!

Game Wild Arms
Episode 3
Date Aired December 5th, 2012
Episode Length 27:16
Playlist Wild Arms
Last Episode Clan of the Bearded Nuns!
Next Episode The Cave to the North Part 1

Progression in EpisodeEdit

In this episode Jirard changes character to Rudy, and then follows Jirard and Alex doing a Cosby imitation, from The Cosby show. They talk about Rudy's background, that he is called a "Dreamchaser", and how sad his story is. Rudy is the silent protagonist in the story in the game, the one that Jirard identifies most with. First Alex and Jirard wants to know more about Rudy's background. They acquire bombs, and then we overhear a conversation and heads off to find the berry cave. In this episode we are in the overworld for the first time, where Jack appears. He is just chilling on the map until he is a part of the party. After a short while we find the cave and enter it to explore. Rudy finds two levers and pulls them to move scary looking statues. We pass where the statues stood and find Tony and continue through the cave. Tony thanks Rudy and then there is an earthquake and villagers enters the cave. "Zombie" the boss appears and Rudy defeats him. The villagers blame Rudy for the earthquake because he has "arms", a gun. Because o thet Rudy is banished from the village.

Completion listEdit

  • Jirard picks Rudy as a character
  • Rudy acquire bombs
  • Rudy goes to the Berry cave
  • "Zombie" is defeated
  • Rudy is banished for having a gun

Stats By the End of The EpisodeEdit

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