The following contains spoilers to the series Mother 3. Read at your own risk.

Fangamer Guide SiteEdit

Throughout the series, Alex and Jirard have been giving annotation links to fake sites such as whenever they bring up the guide in a conversation. 


Ever since Episode 21, there has been a running trend of Fassad being the target for the #Fassad jokes. A mother Drago promptly defeats Fassad's army of Pigmasks and attempts to take him down too.

  1. EatFassad (Episode 21; Mother Drago vs. Fassad) [Rather rammed into the air than eaten]
  1. SlipFassad (Episode 36; Banana Peel vs. Fassad [Fassad falls off the tower because of his carelessly tossed banana peel]
  1. FassadSucks/FassadFinale/DieFassad/LaterFassad (Episode 46; Beard Bros. vs. New Fassad) [New Fassad attacks Alex and Jirard for the fourth Needle]
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