Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Metroid Episode 9 - SUPERMAN!!!

Game Super Metroid
Episode 9
Date Aired August 18th, 2013
Episode Length 21:16
Playlist Super Metroid
Last Episode Space Case
Next Episode Quick Work!


The episode starts out with Greg exclaiming "Jirard, I'm going to stop you right there. This is not Wild Arms". Jirards initial intention was to start out with a Superman reference because of the maneuver he was about to perform which is reminiscent of Superman flying straight up (which he then failed to do and they had to restart singing the Superman Theme.) Once he does it successfully, he obtains a missle expansion.

After that, Alex wishes, "for the wiki", to retcon his Saturday Question answer from the Donkey Kong Country episode McMonkey Time! from Tiger Tails to Honey Buns. Then, a woman named Maggy comes in to tell them that they were all being too loud, since they were all screaming for making the Superman Jump on the second try.

Jirard obtains the spring ball by sequence breaking, allowing him to jump while in the morph ball. He also gets another Energy Tank.

While debating the Question of the Week, Greg askes Alex a whole lot of questions. He starts with which Song is Better: "Get Lucky" or "Speed Demon." Alex answered Get Lucky. But when asked "Caroline No" vs "Get Lucky", he answered Caroline No. Afterwards, Alex talks about how Microsoft makes good products, and that the Xbox One will do good in about a year. Greg then askes "The Xbox One" or "Speed Demon," and Alex picks Speed Demon. Greg askes many more questions, but their is not enough room to write them all down.


  • Spring Ball aquired
  • Energy Tank aquired


When asked about "Little Debbie" treats, Greg says that around Valentine's day, he will get some "Be My Valentine" cakes for Alex, to which he says that he will admit it if they are good.

Question of the WeekEdit

Greg: What is your favorite Little Debbie treat?

Jirard did not answer. Alex answered with a "F**k Little Debbie." Greg answered with the "Be My Valentine" Heart shaped cakes. He says that they don't look all too good, but they taste delicious.

(Real Question) Alex: What games are you playing right now?

Jirard asks if there are others who are playing Super Metroid with them, and answers on the last game he played solely for pleasure was League of Legends. Alex is playing Final Fantasy 4, and he just bought Pikmin, which he's dying to jump into and play. Greg is playing Luigi's Mansion and Portal 1.

Final WordEdit

Greg askes Alex his finally word, only to get an "Um..." followed by silence.

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