Samurai Gunn
SAMURAI GUNN w Beau Blyth! - Super Indie Bros

SAMURAI GUNN w Beau Blyth! - Super Indie Bros. 2

Super Indie Bros.
Episode Number 2
Date Released May 12th, 2014

"Samurai Gunn is a lightning-fast Bushido brawler for two to four players. Each samurai is armed with a sword and gun, with only 3 bullets to a life. Discipline and quick reflexes are the key to deflecting bullets and sending your opponents’ heads rolling."

- Samurai Gunn main page

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Super Indie Bros.Edit

On the second episode of Super Indie Bros, Alex and Jirard play Samurai Gunn with two special guests: Sunder and Beau Blyth! While playing, the bros. (kinda) interview Beau Blyth, while having a competition. The winner of the game also gets to choose a "physical challenge" for the loser(s) to do, which they may or may not forget to do!


  • Usually when Beau makes a level, he tries to place spawn points to where you won't get spawn killed. However, with some levels, he was trying new things to make the game even more fast paced.


Alex: What is your background, and what games have you made/worked on?

Beau: "I've been making games since, like, middle school, so I dunno... For over a decade."

Alex: What is the first game you have put out for public release? Or how about the first game that someone might have payed for to get?

Beau: "Oh, this is actually my first commercial game, but before that, I would accept donations and stuff. I put out a game called Shoot First, which I did a donation version that had extra content for [them]. But the very first game I released on my website was called Gravortex, it was basically a portal game, except you created gravity vortexes. It was weird, but it was pretty cool."

Jirard: About how long did it take you to make this game?

Beau: "About a year and a half."

Alex: Did you always think that this game would be an "awesome multiplayer game?"

Beau: "Well, I've always loved making local multiplayer games. Pretty much every game you can find on my site is either (hopefully) enjoyable to play with a friend and it's one-player, or you can play with them."

Alex: Did the game play ever work differently than this? Did you ever say like 'The gun has more bullets...'

Beau: "You know, not really. But before this, it was actually a superhero fighting game, where you could jump across the entire level, and you would use dual stick controls, so like, I had this little superman like character and you could jump, and have a lot of control, and with the other stick you could aim, and then the triggers would do different attacks, so you had like a dash and you had like a laser beam, and I thought it was pretty cool. And everyone hated it, and I was like 'yeah, maybe this isn't as fun as it really is,' and so I just kinda like put it away and then at a party at my friend's house, we were watching Tommy Wiseau's The Room, and I had already seen it, so I was like 'I'll enjoy it by listening to it, but I'm gonna make a game because I feel like doing that,' and I had my friend Jacob with me and I was like 'Hey Jake, I'm gonna make a game! Like, what should it be about, and he's like 'Samurai. With Guns.' 'Cause that's like an oxymoron challenge, to just... I dunno... 'Cause not, but that's why it's funny. But then it turned out to be pretty fun, so like, I kept working on it, and I was really lucky that I had Jake around, because I was a play tester right from the beginning, so I knew what it was like to play with another person..."

Alex: Like Feedback all the time?

Beau: "Yeah, instant feedback, so that was super helpful. I wish I could always work like that, but I don't want to subject anyone to that, but... and then I just kept working on it."

Alex: Let's talk about Dose, because the music is all done by Dose, a rapper from Oakland, and this is like, super good music. So how did you hook-up with that guy?

Beau: "Well, my friend from LA Game Space, I was hanging out with him, and he was like 'You know who you should get to do your music? Like, uh, Doseone,' and then at GDC, I was hanging out with a bunch of friends, and then he was there, and I was like 'Hey! My friend said that you should do the music to my game,' and he was like 'Okay!'"

Alex and Jirard: Nice guy.

Beau: "Yeah, pretty nice. And then it was like a done-deal, and he was super into it, going above and beyond making music."

Alex: Can we talk about future plans, or are we mute on that?

Beau: "Well, I'm working on [inaudible], doing effects and combat... So that's going along really well."

Alex: What is it like getting an enormous budget as opposed to what you asked for?

Beau: "Um... I don't know. While as a... well, not pawn, but not someone who isn't into business decisions, [but] I have a wage, like that's super new, because I've never actually had a job before, so that's pretty cool. And I moved into a new apartment and out of my parent's house, so that's awesome. And It's been super great, and I love working with everybody, and it's super fun to hang out with people."

Alex: Is there a specific samurai thing that inspired you for this game? Or like a specific aesthetic?

Beau: "I actually redrew the characters a lot, and changed their silhouettes, which is stupid, because no one is going to care, but I needed to know that they had different silhouettes, because I wanted people to make fanart, and there has only been like 5 drawings. That's actually why I didn't give them portraits."

Demand of the WeekEdit

Make Beau some fan art.

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