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Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Metroid Episode 11 - Screwattack!

Game Super Metroid
Episode 11
Date Aired September 22, 2013
Episode Length 16:45
Playlist Super Metroid
Last Episode Quick Work!
Next Episode Ridley's Believe it or Not?


The Episode starts with Jirard getting the Plasma Beam, with Alex and Greg acting surprised at how he got it so quick. Since they have obtained the Plasma Beam, everything will now die much easier. This leaves only one more place to go before the end Boss Mother Brain, Norfair, to get the Screw Attack.

Alex then explains that what you're watching is called a "Let's Play Show" and that they are not actually in your house, but in fact in their own house. The episode you're watching was actually recorded in the past, and is in fact, not live.

In the No More Heroes review, Jirard said Suda 5-1, and also said that he will fight anyone who says that he said it wrong. But when Jirard had done a No More Heroes Live Stream, he had done a lot of research, and found out that it is actually called Suda 5-1, and not Suda 51, like everyone thought.

After that, Greg says that he wants to have a Rumble. Just, get a bunch of his friends and just fight another group of friends, just for the heck of it.

Once Jirard gets the Screw Attack, Alex plays the game on the show for the very first time, and actually teaches Jirard how to re-use it.


  • Plasma Beam acquired
  • Screw Attack acquired


Not Related

  • The japanese game developer Suda 51's nick-name is pronounced "Suda Five One". It is commonly mistakenly pronounced as Suda Fifty One.  In Japanese, Go is 5, Ichi is 1, and Go Jyuu Ichi ​is 51.

Final WordEdit

Greg: Curtoon Time!

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