Shake That Wess
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 15 - Shake That Wess

Game Mother 3
Episode 15
Date Aired June 21st, 2014
Episode Length 20:20
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Clayter Man
Next Episode Hummingberg


The episode begins with Jirard and Alex ecstatically saying that the didn't have to restart the game, as they've had to done multiple times after each recording session, calling it a miracle. Jirard then immediately fights a group of Pigmasks, saying that he's made a mistake.

In the episode, Alex gives out a PSA that if any fan has an english-patched Mother 3 game that they could lend to them, they will have an easier time recording episodes and will lose the game data less often.


  • Kumatora joins the party!


  • Sometimes when Duster starts a battle, he will randomly kick an opponent.
  • When selecting the princess's name, you can only get all the letters for "Kumatora" if you select the "Don't Care" option.
  • Kumatora's name means "Bear-Tiger" in Japanese.
  • In early builds of Mother 3, Kumatora was planned to be a Magypsy.
  • Naming Kumatora 'Violet' when she is first recruited in Chapter 2 will result in her using the name 'Kumatora' while disguised as a waitress in Chapter 4 (as her disguise name is Violet in Chapter 4).
  • When Kumatora first joins Duster's party after firing a blast of PSI at him, her PP is not full in a reference to the cutscene before.

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