Sonic Adventure '06
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 18 - Sonic Adventure '06

Game Mother 3
Episode 18
Date Aired June 29th, 2014
Episode Length 19:09
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Want Some Dung?
Next Episode Companion Box

"What are we supposed to talk about while we're selling s*** to a bug in the desert?"
- Alex Faciane


The episode opens with Alex immediately talking about how YouTube will finally play videos in 60 frames per second (fps). What he neglects to say, however, is that the duo had to fight the Barrel Cactus Wolf again, as they had lost to the Violent Roach at the end of the last episode. He then, for no apparent reason, he says that Chewie's Laugh is very weird.

The remainder of the episode is Jirard walking around grinding and giving dung to Wan Sum Dung, while making very little story progression.


  • Gooey Goo defeated

Unrelated TriviaEdit

  • Alex's favorite icon from the TOVG Completionist Poster is the Sonic Adventure icon (Third Row, Seventh Icon).
    • His second favorite one is the Pokemon Snap icon (Fourth Row, First Icon).
  • The Pekingese dog breed originated from Imperial China.
  • Pekingese are only a few genes away from being considered wolves, which is odd, given how they look.
  • Pekingese are bred to look like Ancient Lions. #dogfacts

Question of the DayEdit

Can you make a good joke with the set-up "So a Monkey and an a**-hole walk into a bar...?"

Side QuestionEdit

If both games were fully functioning, which game would be better: Sonic Adventure 1 or Sonic '06?

To vote, use #thesame, #actually'06, and #you'redumbsonicadventure

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