Space Case
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Metroid Episode 8 - Space Case

Game Super Metroid
Episode 8
Date Aired August 11th, 2013
Episode Length 12:50
Playlist Super Metroid
Last Episode Let's try to forget about the whale.
Next Episode SUPERMAN!!!


Alex talks about if people thought that, back when the game was made, that people would try to Sequence Break. Greg and Alex discuss this, and Alex comes to the conclusion that maybe the game was made as "What if you miss this item, and can still get up their? If Exploration is truly the highest element in this game."

Exploring some more,  Jirard gets some more Power-Ups, including the much needed Grappling Beam, before heading into Maridia, although they don't get to there during this episode.


  • Grappling Beam aquired.

Jirard's RequestEdit

Nearing the end of the episode, Jirard askes the fans what the Secret Power Bomb technique that heals Samus was. He is referring to the Crystal Flash, which replenishes your life at the cost of all of your Missiles/Super Missiles/Power Bombs. This is what is needed to preform the Crystal Flash.

It is performed by following these steps:

  • Samus must have 50 or less energy, nothing in her Reserve Tanks, and at least 10 Missiles, 10 Super Missiles, and 11 Power Bombs.
  • Samus must morph into a ball.
  • Holding down + aim up button + aim down button + fire button will initiate the Crystal Flash. This will result in Samus rising into the air in a ball of light, suitless, while her energy tanks rapidly refill.

Question of the WeekEdit

What is the worst boss noise?

Jirard didn't give an Answer. Alex said Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat. He hate's that he always laughs when he attacks, so the laugh layers on itself, sounding multiple times at once. Greg only answered New Super Mario World, not referring to which boss he meant.

Final WordEdit

Jirard: Questa.

Greg: Tell your friends about Beard Bros. (To which Jirard replies "Hide yo' kids, tell your friends.)

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