Spanky's Quest
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Episode Number 33
Date Released July 26th, 2012
Completionist Rating Look At It!
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"I'm gonna light your beard on fire, Jirard!"
- Greg

Spanky's Quest(Japanese: 反省ザルジローくんの大冒険 Hepburn:Hansei Zaru: Jirō-kun no Daibouken?, lit. "Monkey Reflections: The Adventures of Mr. Jiro") is an action game published in 1991 by Natsume, for the Game Boy and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The Game Boy title is known in Japan as Lucky Monkey(ラッキーモンキー Rakkī Monkī?).

The main character of the game is Spanky the monkey, who attacks by throwing different kinds of balls. The SNES game has a storyline in which Spanky must defeat an evil witch named Morticia.

The Completionist Edit

Jirard reviewed the Super Nintendo version of the game for the thirty-third episode of The Completionist. The game is one that Jirard played as a kid, but never finished, and had since forgotten the name of. Thanks to his fans, he was able to find the game again. It was also the first Super Nintendo game he played.

Jirard and Greg find the game to be incredibly weird off the bat, and lack context thanks to not owning the game manual. The game also fails to give the story and world a decent explanation, according to Jirard.

Jirard gives credit to the color pallet and music, but notes how the environments make little sense and are not very cohesive. He does, however, compliment on how the presentation can easily draw a player in, especially at a young age.

Jirard finds the game surprisingly challenging, due to the bubble mechanic and Spanky's hit box having strange dimensions. He also brings attention to the password system, which almost feels unneeded due to the game's short length. He also finds the boss fights frustrating, especially when dying on a boss requires you to restart the entire world.

Jirard rants about the ending requiring the player to refight bosses.

Overall, Jirard is disappointed to find that the game isn't as fun as he remembered.

At the end of the episode, Jirard announces the finalist of the 20,000 subscriber contest.

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