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Splatoon Pt. 1 Single Player - The Completionist Ep

Splatoon Pt. 1 Single Player - The Completionist Ep. 131

Episode Number 131
Date Released May 29th, 2015
Completionist Rating Finish It!
Link Splatoon
Splatoon (Japanese: スプラトゥーン Hepburn:Supuratūn) is a third-person shooter video game developed and published by Nintendo for Wii U, and released in Japan on May 28, 2015, in North America and Europe on May 29, 2015, and in Australia on May 30, 2015. In Splatoon, the player shoots colorful ink at opponents as well as surfaces, which the player character can swim through to hide from enemies, increase movement speed, or climb up walls. In the online multiplayer mode, two teams vie to cover more of the map in their color of ink, while in the single-player campaign, the player infiltrates an enemy octopus army that uses its own arsenal of ink weapons. The title is aportmanteau of the words "splat" and "platoon."

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The Completionist Edit

Jirard reviewed Splatoon for the 131st episode of The Completionist, on the date of its international release. The episode is split into two parts, with the first part focusing on the single player aspect of the game, and the second focusing on multiplayer. This was done because much of the completion aspect of the game depends on multiplayer, which Jirard was not able to fully experience due to the game not being available to the general public at the time.

Single Player Edit

Jirard compliments the straightforward tutorial at the beginning of the game. He also finds the story and lore amusing, though not necessary to enjoy the multiplayer fully. The 90s-esque aesthetic also pleases Jirard with its colors and graphics. The size of the game's world is also seen as a positive, along with its level design and difficulty curve. However, some of the levels can get predictable to Jirard, despite being varied. He also finds the single player music gets stale. The American localization also gets a small shout-out.

Though he's disappointed the Splattershot Gun being the only weapon used in single player, he understands why this compromise was made. The amiibo, however, give Jirard his favorite amiibo experience in any game so far, due to creating challenges for single player that lets you use other weapons. The bosses are a lot of fun for Jirard, too, and beating them allows new weapons in multiplayer.

Getting all the Sunken Scrolls unlocks nothing, but Jirard appreciates the lore that comes with them. The amiibo gives more of a completion incentives.

As a whole, Jirard enjoyed single player every step of the way, and considers it a complete success in a realm that Nintendo hasn't really tackled before.

The Completion Bonus Edit

Splatoon was the topic the third episode of The Completion Bonus. Jirard provides a video guide for locating all 27 of the game's Sunken Scroll collectables.

How To Get ALL Sunken Scrolls in Splatoon - The Completion Bonus

How To Get ALL Sunken Scrolls in Splatoon - The Completion Bonus

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