Also Known As Rival Jimmy
First Appearance - Super Beard Bros. Samurai Gunn
First Appearance - The Completionist Breaking Bad
Birthday November 9th
Links YouTube Twitter

Jimmy "Sunder" is an editor and YouTuber who primarily spends his focus on game design. In his series "Level Head," Sunder dissects game mechanics in games that he finds interesting, ones that pose a great deal of though, and even mechanics that are super complex and make the feel of the game much more fluid, but to the player, are completely glossed over.

The CompletionistEdit

Sunder shows up in the Breaking Bad episode after Jirard murders one of his interns, Tyler, to confront him why he's done this. After a brief encounter, Jirard quotes Breaking Bad, asking him "What's my name?" and promptly killing him, too, after receiving an answer.

Super Beard Bros.Edit

Sunder first appears in the Samurai Gunn episode of Super Indie Bros, alongside game creator Beau Blyth.

Sunder also appears in the 1001 Spikes episode of Super Indie Bros., a game in which he is a resident expert on.

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