Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 36 - Sunflowers

Game Mother 3
Episode 36
Date Aired September 18th, 2014
Episode Length 22:15
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Jukes of Hazard
Next Episode World's Tiniest Microphone ♥

- Mr. Genetor


The episode begins with Alex explaining that they had re-organized all of their items, and then they continued to climb the Thunder Tower, with Jirard trying to juke each of the enemies to make it up to Mr. Genetor.

After Jirard defeats Mr. Genetor in an electrifying battle, Fassad once again makes an appearance, still in his bad habit of eating Luxury Bananas and throwing the peels on the ground. After confronting Lucas, Fassad slips on his banana peel, falling off the Thunder Tower, and #SlipFassad. As Fassad falls from the Tower, Duster, with the aid of the Rope Snake, attaches itself to the ladder of the Pork Army Aircraft in order to escape what was now the destroyed Thunder Tower.

As the Rope Snake holds on, a mysterious figure appears in the aircraft, who Jirard and Alex assume to be Claus. While they sit to ponder, the Rope Snake informs them that while he is glad that he is now a main character, his jaw is not strong enough to support the 3 people and dog, and he must let go, sending them all to their doom. Credits Roll...

Only, it wasn't the end. Lucas awakes in a field of sunflowers, and Jirard aimlessly wanders around, looking for any kind of sign. After walking for a time, Lucas has a flashback, which at first seems to have no real use, but he then soon finds Boney, and the ghost of Hinawa...


  • Lucas learned PK Flash!
  • Mr. Genetor defeated!
  • Chapter 5 Ended!
  • Chapter 6 Ended?


  • Mr. Genetor's in-battle sprite colors are different to than his map sprite.

Question of the DayEdit

Have you ever been so obsessed with a food that someone had to say something about it?

Jirard was obsessed with Pops in college. Alex loved White Castle hamburgers, saying they were really terrible, but also delicious, as well as liking tejava tea. 

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