Super Couch Fighters
Super Couch Fighters Logo
Hosts Brett Bayonne and Michael Santell
First Episode Street Fighter V Beta! R. Minka Part 1! Super Couch Fighters #1
Date of First Episode October 28th, 2015
Type of Show Game Play and Let's Plays
Links Youtube, Twitter

Super Couch Fighters is a part of the "That One Video Gamer" Network, it consists of Brett Bayonne and Michael Santell as the Co-hosts.The show has three main formats, Super Couch Fighters, Run it Back, and The Dojo.

Formats Edit

  • Super Couch Fighters – The show has Brett and Michael playing recent fighting games while they explain how the game works, showcase the moves and combos of certain or all characters, breakdown the basic mechanics of the game and then vs each other or people online.
    • Super Couch Fighters: Arcade Mode! – a Sub-Series of SCF, where Brett and Santell play through the Single Player Campaigns of certain Fighting Games, such as Brawl's Subspace Emissary, SFV's A Shadow Falls or MKD's Konquest Mode. All the while providing critique to the plotlines of said games or showcase the game's in and outs as mentioned above.
  • Run it Back – In Run it Back! Brett and Michael play old or otherwise unmemorable fighting games, mostly for the Playstation and the Super NES, that Michael has picked for them to play. They often go in them blind as to how the games play or work and develop opinions while playing them. Many of the games are new for Brett while Michael played them as a child.
  • The Dojo: Road to EVO! – In The Dojo Brett and Michael train Jirard in the basic mechanics of Street Fighter every week to prepare him for EVO 2016, they explain how to string combos, what moves of Ryu's that are in Street Fighter IV and V combo together, they train in defense, they train Jirard in how to use Ryu effectively, and they then have Brett and Jirard play each other at the end of the episode to see how he has improved.
  • The Dojo: Quest for Platinum – The 2017 follow-up to Road to EVO in which Santell and Brett train up Sam Strippin to achieve the Platinum Rank in Street Fighter V. Strippin chose the then newly released Character Kolin as his main.
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