Super Scope Show
Super Scope Show Logo
Hosts Frazier Perez-Yadon, Andrew Campbell, Michael Santell, and Greg Wilmot (formerly)
First Episode Resident Evil - Super Scope News
Date of First Episode May 1st, 2014
Type of Show

Comedic Sketches

Links Youtube, Twitter

The Super Scope Show is a channel under the "That One Video Gamer Roof", consisting of Greg Wilmot, Andrew Campbell, and Frazier Perez-Yadon. Upon Greg's departure from That One Video Gamer, Michael Santell took his place.

The show has two main formats, those being Super Scope News, where the cast play the roles of a news team, or Super Scope Shorts, where the cast engage in a short skit, parodying a game/movie trope.


  • Super Scope News - Season 1 - Super Scope News is a News Satire show where Greg and Fraizer, taking the roles of anchor men, go over a spot-lighted game, movie, show, etc, with the aid of Andrew, who plays as a field reporter,
  • Super Scope News - Season 2 - Season 2 replaces Greg Wilmot with Michael Santell due to his departure from TOVG, Alex and Andrew remain in the same roles a before, other changes made in season 2 is that Super Scope News mainly focuses on Video Games, YouTube, and the Internet for this season instead and have left out movies and television shows.
  • Super Scope Shorts - Super Scope Shorts is a short comedic sketch where Frazier, Andrew, and Greg parody a certain movie or game trope.
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