The Beauty and the Beast?
Super Beard Brothers - Symphony of The Night Episode 2 Beauty and The Beast?

Super Beard Brothers - Symphony of The Night Episode 2 Beauty and The Beast?

Game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Episode 2
Date Aired March 4th, 2013
Episode Length 28:14
Playlist Symphony of the Night
Last Episode So far So Awesome
Next Episode Chicken Sandwich


The episode starts with Jirard excitedly welcoming everyone back to Super Beard Bros. He then says that this will be a "completionist run," and will be on The Completionist when the playthrough is done, not wasting any time.

Afterwards, he then says that he will play the game without a guide of any sort, just play the game regularly, except if he gets lost. Only then will he ask for Alex's help.

When Jirard gets attacked by a table, floating flowers and a jar (Or the Ouija Table),  he screams "Beauty and the Beast!" in reference to the living furniture in "Beauty and the Beast." This sparks Alex to jokingly say "Oh my god, living furniture, Beauty and the Beast!" Later, Jirard says that he can see the pedestal and the chair for the rose, and "knows" that Belle is in this castle.

Another thing worth mention is when Jirard first encounters a Flea Man, he is absolutely disgusted by it's appearance, as well as it's idle animation of "humping the floor." When attacked by the Flea Man, Jirard exclaims "Don't touch me!" to which Alex says "I could watch you fight that guy all day."


  • Maria met
  • Doppelganger defeated.


  • The people who made Castlevania: SotN apparently did a lot of research into the architectural designs of the castle, as they had a lot more time to be detailed.
  • The loading room (the small hallway with a CD at the top) could also mean Count Dracula, as opposed to a CD. However, Alex thinks this unlikely, as their is a disc above the CD.
  • The Marble Gallery has the longest corridor in the game.
  • The Diplocephalus enemy (also known as Amphisbaena) origins lie in ancient Greece, and Its name is derived from Greek, meaning "to go both ways."

Not RelatedEdit

  • If you say the right spells in front of a bible, it will float around you, protecting you.
  • Knuckles Jamaican attributes from Sonic 3 and Knuckles comes from the strategy guide, meaning that he was originally going to be Jamaican. This was changed, however, very close to the release of the game, and is why Knuckles' shoes are the color of the Jamaican flag.

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