The Cave to the North Part 1
Super Beard Bros Wild Arms Ep 4 The Cave to the North Part 1

Super Beard Bros Wild Arms Ep 4 The Cave to the North Part 1

Game Wild Arms
Episode 4
Date Aired December 12th, 2012
Episode Length 20:22
Playlist Wild Arms
Last Episode ROODY!
Next Episode Heal Berries?

Progression in EpisodeEdit

Now that all protagonists in the game has been introduced, they are going to bring them together in the world of Filgaia. Jirard asks Alex to pick which character they should start with and Alex chooses Rudy. We continue through the over world to the town of Adlehyde. There is news that there are monsters at Lolithia's Tomb, Alex speculates that Rudy is in internal turmoil following his experiences from last episode, where is his banished for using arms. Rudy is asked to defeat the monsters at the tomb and Jirard accepts. The key words mentioned are "bring friends", and Jirard changes character to Jack and travels to Adlehyde to speak with Rudy. Jack joins Rudy's party and then Jirard changes character to Cecilia. The quest continues to Lolithia's Tomb, talks to Emma, fights Rat Monkeys in the first group battle. The party then fights their way through the tomb.

Completion listEdit

  • Alex picks Rudy to be the first character to be played
  • Rudy finds out about the monsters at Lolithia's Tomb
  • Rudy accepts the quest to fight the monsters
  • Jack and Cecilia joins the party and all three are together
  • The party fights their way through Lolithia's Tomb

Stats By the End of The EpisodeEdit

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