The Finale! (A Link to the Past)
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. - A Link to the Past 15 - The Finale!

Game Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Episode 15
Date Aired June 21st, 2014
Length 26:32
Playlist A Link to the Past
Last Episode Ganon's Secret Base (Episode 14)


The episode begins with Jirard jumping into a hole to his demise. The end.

Nah, but really, Jirard jumps into the final screen of the game to face off against Ganon, who escaped from Agahnim in the last episode. Right as he falls, Jirard pulls off a sneaky move, getting an extra hit on Ganon before he starts to talk.

As Jirard destroys Ganon using not a single fairy, he is greeted by the essence of Ganon's base. While Ganon's Base talks, Alex brings up the 1:41 speed run of ALttP and suggests that everyone watches it. However, since this episode's release date (June 21st, 2014), a new speed run record has been set. On August 15th, 2014, a user by the name on Andy completed his run in 1:37. Link to the Speed Run

After Jirard and Alex make it into the Chris Houlihan room, they issue a promise that if someone can get the real Chris Houlihan onto the show, they will give them an awesome prize. Immediately after, they go on to complete another promise by playing through the Ice Palace in the GBA version. After they complete this Palace, Jirard and Alex announce a new game: Mega Man 7.


  • Ganon Defeated!!!
  • Ganon's Tower completed!
  • Game Completed!
  • Chris Houlihan Room entered

GBA Version ProgressEdit

  • Ice Palace completed!


  • Jirard says that A Link Between Worlds is better than A Link to the Past, but this game is still his favorite.
  • The Chris Houlihan room is supposed to be a fail safe for when the game crashes, so you don't lose your progress.


During the episode, after fulfilling the Chris Houlihan room promise, Jirard and Alex promise that if someone can get Chris Houlihan to do an interview on Super Beard Bros. they will get something cool as a prize, Jirard initially says it's a promise they can't keep.

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