The Finale! (Star Fox 64)
Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros. Star Fox 64 Episode 7 - The Finale!

Game Star Fox 64
Episode Finale (7)
Date Aired January 18th, 2013
Length 28:17
Playlist Star Fox 64
Last Episode The Pride Lands

"Audience at home I apologize if you guys have to vomit. I apologize wholeheartedly."
- Jirard


Jirard and Alex start this video by welcoming us to the first finale ever on the Super Beard Bros!

This is also the first video in which promises where kept for the fans, starting a big part of the culture and mantra of the show.

By playing the first level of the game for the 4th time, Alex says that he now feels like he is in groundhog day.

They continue by playing the Katina level, in which Jirard makes his rant/speech about the similarities of this level with the movie "Independence Day". Alex makes the argument that at the end of the level they don't even show the alien saucer firing its laser because the developers of the game are banking on the fact that the players have seen the movie and that they know what happens.

They then move on to play a multiplayer match and the unfinished ROM of Star Fox 2.


  • First Person POV Corneria Level
  • Katina (A.K.A. Will Smith level)
  • Multiplayer showdown between Jirard and Alex
  • Star Fox 2 unfinshed ROM


  • Most of the elements in Star Fox 2 came over to Star Fox 64
  • Some of the camera movements of Star Fox 2 where used in Super Mario 64 in an attempt to not lose all the work done in it.
  • Star Fox 2 had to more playable characters, 3 different types or Arwings, and the Arwings can transform into mechs.


  • Jirard do not suggest to do a Barrel Roll on the first person perspective camera.
  • Jirard thinks that "Independence Day" is one of the best worst best movie ever. Yeah.
  • Jirard and Alex assume that every celebrity watches the show, including, in this case, Will Smith.
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