The Grinch
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The Grinch Review The Completionist

The Grinch Review The Completionist

Episode Number 249
Date Released December 22nd, 2017
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The Grinch is a platform video game based on the film of the same name. The game was released shortly after the film hit theaters. George Lowe does uncredited work as the Narrator of the game.

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The CompletionistEdit

Jirard's review of The Grinch was scathing, with him criticizing basically everything.

Jirard did not let the presentation go by for a second, calling the worlds bland and unforgettable and the story an injustice to both the book and the movie, because it goes against everything about The Grinch's character in all the other mediums. He also goes on to criticize the overall design a bit more. He slightly rants about the game's poor performance, mention terrible loading times, tons of technical glitches, and an inconsistent framerate. The soundtrack is the one thing that got even a hint of good notability from Jirard, with him saying it's appropriately wacky. However, he then criticizes how repetitive it gets.

Here's how Jirard first describes the gameplay: "In every conceivable way, this game disappoints". He mentions that the controls are terrible, and that the mechanics are boring and frustrating. The controls are noted to be stiff and grid-like. The camera is noted to be terrible, as it'll get stuck on buildings, and is controlled with the shoulder buttons. And, as an overall summary of the mechanics: Jirard basically found that they all sucked. The ideas were neat, but the execution sucked.

The completion bonus also sucked. The reward for doing/getting everything was a bunch of minigames. Jirard hated them.


  • 36 Deaths
  • 65 Blueprint pieces procured
  • 7 Grinch Gadgets unlocked
  • 3000 Presents destroyed
  • 13 Hours of total playtime
  • At least 4 yards between Jirard and "that kid" at all times (not court mandated)


  • Jirard dressed up as The Grinch wearing the Santa outfit at the beginning and ending of the video.
  • The ring-flying minigame reminded Jirard of Superman 64, making him angry.
  • Jirard threatened to give all his close friends copies of The Grinch for PlayStation so that they could suffer with him.
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